We are happy to welcome you back to Freddy Hill Farms and Freddy’s Family Fun Center!! We have missed you! We do have some new rules in place to keep you and our employees safe- please be patient and understand- we did not make these up!! We are doing our best to follow CDC guidelines and adjust as restrictions are modified and lifted week by week. So here are some rules and guidelines to make your visit enjoyable and as safe as can be.

1. Please put on a mask before you enter any part of our facility

2. Please wear a mask whenever you are inside of dairy store

3. At the fun center-You do not need to wear a mask once you are inside your area of play- range tee, batting cage, or mini golf green. But please wear mask for entry, while you are transacting at a register, and while in any common area.

4. Please maintain social distance while you are here- smile at others behind your mask- they can tell!!

5. Use cashless payment if you can. We try to make it fast and easy for you. BUT we still accept cash as payment too!

6. If you are getting a bucket to hit at the driving range, please bring your own clubs. We have very limited rentals at this time

7. We still supply clubs for miniature golf and bats and helmets for the batting cages- all are sanitized between uses.

8. We are cleaning and sanitizing based on current CDC guidelines throughout our facility. HOWEVER- you visit and play at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for your health – that’s up to you! Wear a mask, wash your hands, and be considerate of others.

9. Our indoor seating in the ice cream parlor is limited to 50% capacity at this time, but our outdoor picnic tables are available.

10. Thanks for reading- hope you can visit, safely, soon!