Freddy Hill began as a Family business in 1972 as a dairy store belonging to the Seipt Family who had a single mission: to offer farm fresh milk and ice cream to area families.  Originally founded by Seipt Family members Fred and Joanne Seipt and their 3 sons, Vernon, Matt, and Bill, Freddy Hill remains family owned and managed.

After learning how to make their own ice cream at Penn State University’s creamery, the Seipts expanded their ice cream offerings and began making ice cream cakes. The ice cream sales soon outgrew the small space and a full, sit down ice cream parlor was built in 1988. 

 In 1991, the family opened Freddy’s Family Fun Center. This beautiful complex includes 2 miniature golf courses, batting cages, a driving range, and a Pro Shop. Just a short walk up a sidewalk takes customers to a picnic area and the dairy store and ice cream parlor..